Saturday, 8 January 2011

Joey G-Zus (2010) this guy is from why is he on ?

Well.. formerly known as Joe Gutta, Joey G-Zus works with the RustyJukeBox middy fam and namely links here before the big smoke so by all means..claim your middy spot.

Numerous Mixtapes...collaboration with Cipher Jewels , Beats From Wizard and Kelakovski, Banana Klan 7", Support from Example to Krs-One and love for the north.
Gritty rap with an unmistakeable northern perspective.

Joey G-Zus boasts of making steady moves towards a new set of projects after recently concluding his Cartoon Hip Hop Trilogy.

Middy fam a like... Enjoy RustyJukeBox Records , Joey Gzus

Mid-Hop Exclusive - Joey G-Zus

Joey G-Zus & Reggiimental Feat Carlos Montana - Nurture and Grow (Prod. Joe Rizzle)

Matt Henshaw / ReggiiMental in session on the Beat at the BBC

Joey G-Zus Feat Carlos Montana, Bigga & Reggiimental - I Ain't Comin' Home

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