Saturday, 8 January 2011

Joey G-Zus (2010) this guy is from why is he on ?

Well.. formerly known as Joe Gutta, Joey G-Zus works with the RustyJukeBox middy fam and namely links here before the big smoke so by all means..claim your middy spot.

Numerous Mixtapes...collaboration with Cipher Jewels , Beats From Wizard and Kelakovski, Banana Klan 7", Support from Example to Krs-One and love for the north.
Gritty rap with an unmistakeable northern perspective.

Joey G-Zus boasts of making steady moves towards a new set of projects after recently concluding his Cartoon Hip Hop Trilogy.

Middy fam a like... Enjoy RustyJukeBox Records , Joey Gzus

Mid-Hop Exclusive - Joey G-Zus

Joey G-Zus & Reggiimental Feat Carlos Montana - Nurture and Grow (Prod. Joe Rizzle)

Matt Henshaw / ReggiiMental in session on the Beat at the BBC

Joey G-Zus Feat Carlos Montana, Bigga & Reggiimental - I Ain't Comin' Home

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Wayne Lotek (2006)

Lotek has a habit of doing things ever so nicely.... His latest video for "The Rudest Dude" is mighty slick with that old school feel over something you know had to be made in the last decade...With enough accolades including some for production on the Getaway Soundtrack and works on Roots Manuva's albums, this Birmingham artist has now found root in Australia where it seems tings a gwarn for some of the UK boys.......Peep the interview and footage...old school 2006, filmed in his Birmingham Studios...

At the time, Lotek was doing some mix and master work for SonnyJim on the Soul Trader EP with a notable ear when it comes to playing it back through your monitors..

CTRL ALT DEL is an example of those analytical raps that just ring a bit too true when you think about them....Wayne Lotek..

RTV Interview, Birmingham 2006

Lotek in Moscow (Short Documentary)

The Rudest Dude


Find Lotek here :

and here


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