Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Disclaimer - and

The purpose of this blog is to document and showcase some of the talent across hip hop scene in the Midlands. We hold nothing against any other section of the country... but do take pride in showcasing the often overlooked and put second to what we know as the big smoke. If you are doing some hard work to get noticed...we should be contacting you, but don't think that you cant contact us to make things happen. Its not just about posting a link here...its more about exploring the artist with interviews and reviews which seem far and few between in UK music.

The idea should have took off a long time ago but due to circumstance, a short lived Youtube channel came and went. Again...change of circumstance and here we go turns into with playing ball park to those that want to be heard and documented.

Keep checking here for updates and be sure to email : for anything you want to ask or question. The first post will set the format for the blog based on an interview from 2006. Welcome to and

And if you wanna write with us.....yeh...with not for....drop a line to us

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